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What Is a Panel Door?

LK Door Wooden Panel Door Manufacturer are used instead of a single piece of wood to make a Panel door. Panels of square and rectangular shapes are put together to form a single door, depending on the size required. Depending on your preference, you may either raise or lower these panels to match the height of the door.

What are the Advantages of using a Panel Door?

LK Door Wooden Panel Door Suppliers are primarily used to safeguard a home, but they also provide the following additional benefits:

Panel doors are stronger than flush doors in terms of structural integrity. They are ideal for exteriors and access points because of this.

The style of these doors may be altered to match the rest of the room’s appearance. You might go for a more ornate look, or keep things simple.

Wooden Panel Door Designs have a long lifespan and are not readily damaged. They’re also impervious to the elements, making them ideal for humid climates.

These doors are very difficult to open. This is why so many people recommend Panel doors to their friends and family members.

Keeping these doors in good condition is as simple as applying a fresh coat of varnish or paint.

Panel doors come in a variety of styles and sizes. Here are the popular ones by our Wooden Panel Door Manufacturer:

  • Single Panel Doors: “Stiles” are vertical panels that are joined to a horizontal rail at the top and bottom to craft a single panel door. Both the rails are of the same width.
  • Double Panel Doors: It is identical to a Single Panel Door, with an additional style in the middle of the door.
  • Three Panel Doors: Three hardwood panels are joined to two vertical stiles and four horizontal rails in this door design.
  • Six Panel Doors: It is constructed with six wooden panels with two vertical stiles and 3 centre stiles, coupled with 4 panelled rails.
Wooden Panel Door Manuafcturer

Which Panel Door Design Is Right for Your Home? Talk to our Wooden Panel Door Manufacturer

Take a look at the following purchasing guide for Panel doors before you purchase one:

  • Panel Doors are solid doors and are generally used for exteriors. Use them in your bedrooms, living rooms and exits as well.
  • Your budget will determine whether you choose light or sturdy doors. Comparatively speaking, the cost of a solid panel door is much more than that of a hollow panel door.
  • Single or double-panelled doors in basic designs are available if you have an internal door.
  • Depending on your needs, panel door styles may be tailored to your specifications. You should always check with your designer first before making a purchasing decision.
  • The elegance of panelled doors is enhanced by their use in space. To make a memorable first impression, use them on your front entrance.

Trending Wooden Panel Door Designs

Wood has long been associated with class and refinement as classic door material. Wooden panel doors are not only visually appealing, but they are also very adaptable and burglar-proof. To make it easier for you to decide which wooden panel door designs to use throughout your house, we’ve compiled a list of our favourites below:

1. Main Door Designs with Laminated Wooden Panels

Individuality may be achieved by using a simple oak wood laminated wooden panel door design for an entryway. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the door panelling is also easy to maintain. The front door features an elegant metallic doorknob and a fingerprint scanner lock for additional protection, despite the home’s neutral decor. The use of light and dark shades of wood in the entrance door adds drama and interest.

2. Design of a Wood Panel Door in the Loft Style

Wood panel doors in a pure white colour scheme complement the minimalist aesthetic of the house. For contemporary houses, this loft-style antique concept is sure to have visitors gasping in wonder as the door takes centre stage. However, this picture of a wooden panel door is likely to stand out in any house due to its elegant simplicity while yet being eye-catching. Entrance into a cosy bedroom is made easier with the addition of this door, which complements the room’s soft decor.

3. A panel door with a two-toned wood design

Another creative technique to add depth to your house is to dabble with various wood tones. A smooth gradient textured laminate coats the door’s surface, while on the three sides, a dark wood panel adds depth and visual interest. It’s a beautiful concept that’s both eye-catching and rustic at the same time. The sleek, silver knobs also add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the door’s construction.

4. Design of a Modern Wood and Jaali Door

In each Indian home, the puja room is the most cherished space. Hence, this mandir’s wooden panel door can be anything but ordinary with its distinctive contemporary style. The golden jali inlay in the core of this hardwood panel door design is subtly woven into the design. It is possible for the deities to be seen, but the family’s privacy is protected.

5. Oversized Wooden Panel Door with Oversized Glass

Here’s a glass door with wood borders and a wood bordered wooden panel for your balcony that’s just as gorgeous. The ease with which the door folds backmakes it possible to open the living area and balcony into one space—an excellent resource for individuals who like organising dinner parties and breakfasts with friends. The glass also lets in a lot of natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting in the home. While sipping a hot cup of tea in your living room, you can see the weather outside since the glass isn’t frosted.

8. Doors made of plywood dual panels

Plywood is a good option if you want a panel door at a reasonable price. For internal use, this is a good choice. The two-panel door model is an example of this kind of design. Using varnish, the style is given a wood grain appearance. In addition, the door has been outfitted with a simple turn knob for enhanced protection and style!

Variety of Stylish Panel Door Designs

These sets of Wooden Panel Door Designs are not only attractive, but they also fit into the space perfectly since they have been developed to meet the individual’s requirements. They also provide a sense of style to the area and a touch of edge and natural beauty.

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